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How It Works

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Pottery painting is such a fun and therapeutic activity regardless of age or ability.... whether it's taking prints of tiny (or big!) hand and footprints, painting a birthday mug for your best friend, a personalised money box or trinket box to hold your special keepsakes, or just enjoying a peaceful afternoon painting. It is fun, relaxing and rewarding and best of all you get a beautiful creation at the end of it!


When you arrive we will show you our extensive range of bisque (unglazed pottery). Once you have chosen what you would like to decorate we will explain the process, the paints and the various techniques and tools you can use. There is a vast selection of paints, all non toxic and washable, along with sponges, brushes and special pens for embellishment and our expert team are always on hand to help with ideas and tips, as well as plenty of pre painted examples to help inspire you and get you started.


All of your decorated items become suitable for everyday use once glazed and fired, so perfect for that cereal bowl or mug of tea!


There is no admission or studio fees, we simply charge you for the price of the item you choose. Prices start at just £4 for the smallest pots such as egg cups, tiles and bisquies and go up to £40 for the largest items such as vases, platters, teapots and cookie jars.


There is a vast array of bisque to select, with our most popular choices including mugs, bowls, plates, animals, trinkets and money boxes in all shapes and sizes (from £7.50). We like to keep the range fresh and up to date by listening to what our customers want and introducing new pieces as they become available, as well as themed pottery throughout the year.


Once your masterpiece is complete then just leave it with us for glazing and firing and it will be ready for collection within 14 days!